New object in to describe
:twitter: @INTERPOL_HQ notices and share these easily. Thanks to :twitter: @deltalimasierra :twitter: @VinceDanjean

Don't hesitate to visit us during FIC at E20.

We have stickers but also we welcome any questions or ideas regarding threat intelligence or improvement proposals for MISP, research partnerships...

2.4.101 has been released with three main new features such as tag collections, improved tag/galaxy selector and the long awaited remote MISP instance caching.
And many bugs fixed.

The hassh and hasshserver fingerprint (to easily fingerprint SSH servers and clients) is now a default type ( in @MISPProject and MISP standard.

You can easily share indicators and objects to trace malicious SSH clients/servers.

If you haven't done it yet hit the Update button on your instance.

Version 2.4.100 has been released the 01/01/2019 to celebrate the New Year and it comes with lots of new features including a new query builder.

Based on the publication "An analysis and classification of public information security data sources used in research and practice" by Clemens Sauerwein and others, we implemented a new @MISPProject taxonomy to describe public information data source.

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