Importing preventive measures from @MISPProject in @MONARCproject with MOSP  and getting back the galaxy from MOSP 

Our images have also been updated to 2.4.119! Grab the AMI identifiers from the project page: 

Get up and running with MISP in less than 1 minute! Demo: … …

MISP 2.4.119 has been released with many improvements in the API, a security fix for CVE-2019-19379 and various changes. New MISP expansion, import and export modules were introduced. …

We have a new MISP galaxy with Surveillance Vendors for vendors selling specific CNE tools. Thanks to @deltalimasierra for the initial version. Don't hesitate to contribute. …

Always with our friends

check out our open source Zeek malware hunting tools at  that power the @cancyberorg foundation using @MISPProject and @Zeekurity realtime hunting and dns/flow

We have a new galaxy and object to express dark patterns in MISP. A good example of using MISP to model and share new threats targeting users.
Thanks to @gallypette (@circl_lu) and @b0rce (@uni_lu) …

Thanks to @ostefano from @lastlineinc for the new MISP modules to support Lastline as import, export and expansion service. …

We have an ongoing MISP User Experience Survey together with the @uni_lu (@b0rce) - Don't hesitate to participate, it will help us to improve the UX experience of MISP. @circl_lu 

This week, we hosted a workshop for the with @ceis_strat and @circl_lu. Our @hns_platform was providing a virtual infrastructure with multiple @MISPProject, @d4_project and AIL framework instances.

Some objects from @MONARCproject available in ( ) can now be exported to a @MISPProject galaxy. A work in progress but already working for some kind of objects used in

Want to see CALDERA and a hacker attack in your environment. Watch the Monster light up like a Christmas tree. It's Free @TheHive_Project @patrowl_io @MITREattack @MISPProject @OpenDistroForES @BlackHatUK Sound

MISP integrates @MITREattack and you can generate time-based statistics of the matrix for finding the most common used techniques and their evolution. Not sure if the author of the article tested or used the functionality.

If you want to play with your matrix statistics https://<YOURMISP>/users/statistics/galaxyMatrix and just append .json if you want the machine-readable version. It works with all the matrix-like galaxies from @MITREattack and all the

New MISP expansion modules added to support the submission to AssemblyLine - … … done by @chrisred_68 from @circl_lu during the organised by

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