We are at and don't hesitate to visit us (G10) to get some stickers or talk about threat intelligence.pic.twitter.com/aK7lb07fGi

and just across the alley you'll find the @CybersecLux booth (G3), Luxembourg is @FIC_eu in 2020
twitter.com/mispproject/status …

Looking to connect threat intelligence tools? @tenzir_company's Threat Bus is a pub-sub broker for threat intelligence which you can seamlessly integrate intelligence with the @Zeekurity intel framework and much more:
github.com/tenzir/threatbus …

If you are a new ISAC and want to start a sharing community, don't forget we have a document made with X-ISAC
x-isac.org/publication.html … "Guidelines to setting up an information sharing community such as an ISAC or ISAO"pic.twitter.com/HqwPG1BSKo

and within the MISP training materials, we have a specific slide-deck with recommendations for setting up your community while using MISP
misp-project.org/misp-training … -
github.com/MISP/misp-training …. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you want some support or want to share experiences.

Check out
github.com/tylabs/dovehawk  dovehawk to integrate misp with zeek directly and handle content signatures in addition to indicators

Do you want to know how to use the @MISPProject platform? There is a -free- MISP Training for Analysts and Administrators on 18-Feb

this has sadly been going on for a long time and still is successful (reference from a year ago
twitter.com/MISPProject/status …)

I will be at @FIC_eu next week if you want to discuss about @MISPProject @cve_search @d4_project @circl_lu open source security or even threat intelligence. Booth G10
twitter.com/MISPProject/status …

Threat Bus: a real-time pub/sub broker to get intelligence/indicators from @MISPProject and feed your @Zeekurity in real-time & get sightings from your NIDS to MISP. A clever way to connect efficiently open source security tools. Thanks to @tenzir_company
github.com/tenzir/threatbus …pic.twitter.com/vn25bMPix8

Glad to see the @concordiah2020 project using the MISP platform. This could also help us to improve the platform to cover new use-cases. Great news!
twitter.com/concordiah2020/sta …

"DFSA supports National Cybersecurity Strategy by Launching a Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform"

We are delighted to see new ISAC and financial sharing community being created and relying on MISP.

dfsa.ae/en/MediaRelease/News/D …

We (@adulau and @chrisred_68) will be at the @FIC_eu (at Booth G10) next week. If you have any question, ideas, bug reports, feature requests about @MISPProject or
MISP-standard.org  don't hesitate to visit us (to get stickers too ;-). .twitter.com/AfTBlgchFW

MISP core format has been updated and published which includes the JSON schema for the new first_seen/last_seen on objects and attributes.
misp-standard.org/rfc/misp-sta … -
tools.ietf.org/html/draft-dula …

We have also updated the AWS AMI's! Check the project page for more information:

Bugs, FR's or comments, let me know!
twitter.com/MISPProject/status …pic.twitter.com/OIozuAHpOt

MISP 2.4.120 has just hit the internet, again an amazing work by the community behind the @MISPProject

One of the biggest things in this update is the timeline feature and improved data-model

misp-project.org/2020/01/21/MI …

Ow damn, this is so interesting to get a better view on certain events and to filter your IOC's based on their last_seen date :). Thanks @MISPProject!!
twitter.com/MISPProject/status …

MISP 2.4.120 released including the timeline support on attributes and objects in MISP. This release also includes various bugs fixed and improvements.
misp-project.org/2020/01/21/MI … .twitter.com/4wNR1dCEQO

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