What do you do on Friday night when you can't go anywhere

prepare MiSP events of coursepic.twitter.com/pmlh1QiDMm

Very good presenters and very good platform. Nice to see that @MISPProject goes full stack including the webinar platform.

[+] just attained training session on @MISPProject by @adulau & @Iglocska. thanks guys, you were great.

Thank you @bodaceacat @Ngree_H0bit @thegrugq and for this making this a thing. Come find us at
cogsec-collab.org/post/cogsec- …

We are always glad to see new information sharing community being created and extending MISP data models. Cogsec Collab MISP Community dedicated to misinformation and information campaigns.

misp-project.org/2020/03/26/co … don't hesitate to reach out @VV_X_7pic.twitter.com/hKt4WUMOU8

Fighting cybercrime these days requires getting up early. Proud to announce that @SyddanskUni now has joined @MISPProject to share intel and forensic from our Open Source Inteligens Toolspic.twitter.com/PPLknh9ric

A virtual dedicated MISP training on how to use MISP in scope of the threats and especially the covid-19 MISP community. It will take place Friday March 27, 2020 at 14:00 (CET) at
bbb.secin.lu/b/ale-q6v-ecn  thanks to @bigbluebutton for the open source software.pic.twitter.com/Ln4yeiY8jV

We have some new features in the widget functionality of MISP such as selecting points to show the delta between values (check the example below in the MISP used for covid-19). These features will be in the next release of MISP. Thanks to @mokaddem_sami for the contribution.pic.twitter.com/FOZMEoc9uw

Thanks @MISPProject team for making security analyst operations tweaks to the solution.

What a great way and use of MISP to track COVID-19 cases world wide. I can see this tool being repurposed for a lot of various incidents and tracking them worldwide in the future.
twitter.com/MISPProject/status …

Don't forget MISP taxonomies include a false-positive taxonomy to describe the likeliness of FP in a feed. If you are a feed producer don't hesitate to add it to your feed to help users to filter the data received.

misp-project.org/taxonomies.ht …pic.twitter.com/JvYkQTZgqd

The EU ATT&CK Community Workshop goes virtual. Timing is modified to allow participants from the US and EU to participate. User contributions highly welcome. If you haven’t registered, please do so at:

attack-community.org/event/  @circl_lu @MITREattack @CERTEU

Thank you, added to the COVID-19 @MISPProject for others to consume as well.

This is good stuff, especially now when certain attacks intensify using crisis situation - another great contribution by the @MISPProject team - @belgomisp @us4misp @SwedishMISP @NorwegianMISP @ItaliaMisp @FrancoMisp @nederMISP
twitter.com/mispproject/status …

We (@MISPProject and @circl_lu) have a dedicated MISP community for COVID related information (cybersecurity and/or health). Don't hesitate to DM us with your email address if you want an access.
twitter.com/MISPProject/status …

In MISP, two new taxonomies to improve classification when sharing information about covid-19 related information. The current-event namespace to classify the event & the pandemic namespace to describe the topic if health or cyber.
misp-project.org/taxonomies.ht …
misp-project.org/taxonomies.ht …pic.twitter.com/vqtJDskx6B

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