for the first time and... it's amazing!!
Literally, everything I`ve done can be put there, images, tables, references to attributes.

There's a lot of commercial products that don`t do half of that... I see you 👀😆👀

We need to redo a new batch. We will let you know.

Yes it should work ;-) You can also correlate between CIDR and addresses but you need to enable "enable_advanced_correlations" in MISP.

Maybe we should create an additional warning-list with your repository, this sounds cool. Thanks a lot.

) are always happy to support/help new open source projects.

projects, so please feel free to ask, we'll tell you what we learned.

with its own pre-defined feeds or getting access to their community instance fueled by many 🌍 Orgs.

We love failures. It's an opportunity for learning, doing more failures and sometime succeed.

and especially the galaxies to make accessible to other tools.

has a “sightings” field which helps address this issue, just need to get more orgs using it!

and give a talk on MISP Threat Sharing – a Decade of Successes and Failures in Threat Information Sharing.

Thanks for the feedback. It's basically an ongoing work in progress if you see the recent commit logs in MISP. We also welcome pull-requests and contribution in that scope.


- Canadian cybersecurity firm
- Build, maintain, support MISP
- Collect and manage IOCs
- Track threats with us
- Participate in cool investigations
- 100% remote work w/ great laptop

You are Canadian or French, and ideally are EN/FR bilingual 🍁🇨🇦🍁🇨🇦

Would it be useful to have a job page on misp-project website for all open positions where MISP is required?

Why not? MISP involves developers, cyber experts, security architectures and many other professional figures.

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